1. General Information
    Forester XT
    Java Black Pearl
    XT Premium

    Purchased in October 2009 after my previous forester was rear ended and thus totalled.
    Kept stock over winter 2009-2010.
    Summer 2010, lowered 3" on WRX springs/struts and aligned.
    Removed unused trailer hitch and installed a Prodrive exhaust.
    Installed many Kartboy/Tic/TWM Performance bushings so far to stiffen up the ride.


    Turbo spooling noise with the stereo off.

    Or the free lesbian that comes with the car. It doesn't do me any good, her being a lesbian and all. Fuck.


    2.5L Subaru H4 EJ257, boosted.


    2004 WRX Stuts/Springs installed resulting a 3" drop.
    Proper alignment.


    OEM 2004 Subaru Forester XT.

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