1. General Information
    Dragway Patrol
    NOS, drag suspension, weight reduction

    Bought the car in 1999 as a drag car project. Each year I upgrade the car. This coming season will see a 347 stroker. Hoping for low 10's

    Note: I was able to run in the 12's with the stock, untouched 5.0 engine.

    The car is insured and plated for the road


    California Highway Patrol replica with custom badge showing my sponsors.

    The interior is a little sparse but it's still carpeted with the full original dash and trim. I replaced the seats and belts and added in an 8 point roll bar. Still has the heater core and blower.

    The sound of the motor....although I do have an Alpine system in there, it doesnt work.


    Stock 5.0 SBF No mods whatsoever. Have NOS so timing and plugs were changed....but didn't like the NOS so it's back to normal.

    ....ya, I went up in a fireball using NOS, but it ran a low 12 ar 114mph


    Adjustable ladder bars, coil over, spooled with 33 spline axles. Frame connectors and 8 point roll bars tied in.

    MT 28x11.5 ET Street out back and MT skinnies up front, all on Centerline rims

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