1. General Information
    2008 Civic Si Sedan Tw
    Civic Si
    Taffeta White
    Built Not Bought

    Bought it in Oct 2010 making it my own ever sense 


    Cleared Headlights Colour Matched
    Jdm Badges Front and Back
    Powder Coated Stock Rims White
    Tint 20%
    Hid's 8000k Low's and High's
    Honda side skirts

    Skunk2 6 Speed Shifter Knob
    Mugen short shifter


    Fujita Sri Wrinkle Black
    Hondata Flash Pro Tuned By Edwin KVR
    P2r throttle body spacer buddy club race header
    Test pipe

    Eibach Sportlines

    Powder coated white Stock Rims
    Red H center caps

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