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RL Forum Terms of Service

Membership with (RL) is a privilege. Not a right. At its discretion, reserves the right to limit access to the forum either in part or in entirety to any user it has determined has violated any guideline.(see Offences and penalty). reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time.

Chain of command The MR team consists of ranked members. Users should not skip the chain of command, and should report causes of concern directly with the moderators of the respected forum.

Moderators:responsible for cleaning and archiving their assigned forums.
Super Moderators: responsible for dealing with users, and moderators tasks across the board.
Administrators: retain the right to override any orders.

Posting New threads: Before making a post, please review already-posted threads to make certain that the topic you wish to post about isn’t already being discussed. Keeping similar discussions together will result in the boards being less cluttered.

Please limit your discussion within a thread to the topic spelled out in the subject of that thread. If in the course of discussion, another topic needs to be discussed, please start a separate thread for that discussion.

Make sure that the subject you choose for each of your messages is a proper indication of what your message is about. For example: "Hey! That's Cool!" does not clearly indicate what the message is about. "I dropped in a new engine" does express what the message is about. Threads with vague subject lines are subject to be edited or removed. has a huge database of backlogged threads. Before making a new topic it would be advisable to search these threads to see if someone has already answered a question you might have. It might also be advisable to see if you are not creating a thread that has been posted before (repost)

Nudity and/or links to nudity are NOT tolerated on the forum. (See offences and penalty)

“Official” threads are not allowed unless sanctioned by the team. “official Photoshop competition” cannot be official unless authorized.

POSTING A REPLY When posting a reply, you need not quote the entire message that you are replying to. Please use the "quote" feature sparingly. You can edit the text you plan to quote by deleting information that is not relevant to your reply. The more text you quote, the longer and more cluttered a thread will become.

You can disagree with something that a poster says, but disagree with the content of the message and not the poster. Respect is paramount. Failure to address posters with respect may result in your post being removed without notice.

Constructive criticism is acceptable provided it does not interfere with any rules or etiquette boundaries.

One word posts will be removed without warning.

If someone has creates a thread which has already been posted (repost) do NOT start a repost-posting spree. These posts will be deleted on sight. One person saying repost is enough.


Advertising in signatures is prohibited unless you hold a commercial account. You may put the name to your company but any description of services, offers, phone numbers, addresses or internet sites is prohibited. Links to non commercial websites such as car clubs are acceptable.

In addition, the signature must remain clean. If it gets too large (usually more than 10 lines) you'll be asked to trim it down.

BOARD MAINTENANCE AND POST REMOVAL If your post has been removed from the board, please refrain from posting messages on the boards asking why your post was removed. If you need information as to why a thread or post was removed, please contact your forum’s moderator(s).

The forum moderators have the right to remove any messages deemed offensive or otherwise inappropriate.

Dealing with Users Keep your comments limited to the debate at hand and do not make this a personal issue between you and another user. Keep conversations polite and civilized, without breaking any of the rules (see Offences and penalty)

Users may upgrade to Premium member status. Along with supporting the community, benefits of being a premium member are:

Upload attachments
Larger avatars
Close own threads
No "Last edited" showing
Access to the private forum
Double the PM space
Custom user titles
Username changes.

Users may upgrade their accounts by visiting ""

Dealing with Shop Representatives (Shop reps) Users selling more then 5 items per month must upgrade to Shop Rep. status. Do not flame/bash/imp/troll Shop Reps, since they sponsor the site, they have the leiniancy of the staff on their side. Users may upgrade their accounts by visiting ""

Dealing with Moderators

You may inquire as to why one of your posts/threads was deleted in a polite manner to a modertor. Arguing with the moderator serves no purpose other than to increase your chance of a ban. If you sincerely feel you've not been given a fair chance to explain your point of view you may contact another mod or the administrator.

Dealing with Administrators Do not PM an administrator unless the site is being affected adversely in some a manner (broken templates, site down, site being attacked). Any personal issues should be dealt with moderators. If a higher authority is required, Moderators will consult their superiors (see Chain of Command). If you've tried unsuccesfully to resolve an issue with several moderators you may contact the administrator.

Posting Etiquette

Also known as post whoring. One word posts and other replies that do not add anything to the conversation and are deemed trash by the staff (ie: +1, qft etc) will be removed and the user warned. Drunken posting is also a good way to get warned and your posts deleted.

Offences and penalty Unless otherwise stated, all offences can result in a temporary or permanent ban.

Cross Posting: posting the same thread/post in multiple forums or threads will have your posts deleted, and a note in your file.

No spamming: Only one thread will be acceptable for promoting a website and bumbing such a thread is prohibited. Excessive threads/posts of a users site will not be tolerated. The following types of threads will not be tolerated outright: Pyramid Schemes: work at home, or work for yourself. Tagged sites: You have been slapped; you have been farted on, etc. Get X Free sites: sites that offer free products if you sign up and refer people.

No flaming of other members to incite or perpetuate a conflict or argument. Threads/posts will be deleted without confirmation.

No posting of pornographic material. Threads will be deleted, and user warned. MR is accessible by minors. Pornographic material will only be acceptable in the 18+ forum, accessible by paying members (see Premium members)

No posting of users contact information. Members will not disclose the contact information of other members to users that request it. We will protect our users, and delete any public contact information not posted by the user (him/her)self.

For Sale Section For sale section has extra rules. No excessive bumping (limit 1 per day). No unnecessary discussions in a user's thread. A user must refrain from replying in a for sale thread unless they intend to buy. A user may reply if he/she believes the seller is being dishonest about the product. This would not include, however, info on how much the seller origionally paid for the item nor if the user suspects the item is stolen without any valid proof. Users must post a price. The only reason a person may post no price is if it's a trade. Only shops that sponsor the site may post articles for sale. Private users may sell anything they wish (except drugs and other illegal material) up to the maximum 5 items per month. Group buys are prohibited unless the merchandize is coming from a shop that sponsors the site.

Commercial Selling Users are allowed to post up to 5 items per month for sale. Any more than this requires you to buy a commercial account. The same goes with advertising a service you offer or that someone you know offers. Likewise "just getting a good deal on some stuff for members" is also considered commercial selling. This website is a business and a commercial account is one of the services we offer. What you do for a living and how much you make off what your selling is of no concern to this site. If you don't think it’s worth it to pay to sell here or if you don't think that money can be made back then do not purchase the commercial account. Do not attempt to convince us to let you sell your items for free just because you don't have too many items or you'll loose money. For example, we do not demand free advertising in a newspaper just because it’s too expensive for us and you should not demand a free commercial account because you don't have the money.

From time to time users may need to scrap their cars and part them out. We'll consider many parts from the same car as one item but will put a limit on parting out three cars per year.

Many users promote for nightclubs. This falls under the category of product or service that you offer so a commercial account is required if you are making threads about parties at nightclubs. The cost of a 3 month account would most likely be made back after the first party anyways. There will be a limit of 2 threads per week per user with a commercial account and they must be in Off Topic.

Signatures may not contain any commercial sales pitches. You may have a link to another website but a link + a sentance that reads "part s& accesories for sale, come check us out" would be prohibited. Same goes for avatars.

Users may upgrade their accounts by clicking [URL="http://payments.php/"]Here[/URL] or by contacting the adminsitrator to arrange alternate payment.

Reporting a Post Due to the large number of posts, it is impossible to find every post that is inappropriate. If you find a message that you feel is not appropriate for the Message Boards, please use the Report a Problem Post option to report the message. To do so, click on the red triangle icon which can be easily found on the top right hand corner of every post . You will be given the opportunity to add your comments. Reporting a problem post is done in confidence and only the board moderators will be alerted to your submission. You may assist us by reporting the following threads: Threads that break the rules (see offences and penalty) Offensive posts that are directed towards you. Potential Scams. Posts regarding stolen goods. Do not report threads that: Are offensive towards other users on their behalf

Although the administrators and moderators of will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of, nor vBulletin Solutions Inc. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

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