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Thread: Torque: Android/Blackberry application. OBDII/GPS logging tool for your car/truck.

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    Default Torque: Android/Blackberry application. OBDII/GPS logging tool for your car/truck.

    Has anyone ever played around with Torque?

    It's an application for Android, and it's coming out for Blackberry and possibly other mobile operating systems that uses both GPS and OBDII via bluetooth to grab real time stats, as well as grabbing/logging/resetting trouble codes form your car. It even uses the accelerometers in your phone to show what sort of g's your pulling, and to show a somewhat accurate performance readout for your vehicle.

    The interface is very slick and refined these days, with many customizable options including the ability to arrange the dials/graphs/digital readouts any way you feel like, pretty much. Skinnable dials, arrange them in 3 different sizes, or almost in any position on the screen.

    I now regularly use it on drives to see how my car's doing. Boost, AFR, GPS speedo, Intake air temp, pretty much anything your car can output via obd2, it can display.

    Torque can also upload your logs/stats it live via twitter, to a web server(torque's, or your custom private server), or it can also email your log to yourself as well. The possibilities are endless for a whopping $4.95 at the Android marketplace, or free if you want to try it out with ads?

    Beyond that, they now have support for plugins, custom PIDs etc.
    One interesting pluging for it is a video recorder with a heads up display that can simultaneously show your gps position in google maps, while also showing GPS speed, Engine RPM, and Boost psi., or you can turn off the map for a cleaner image, and use it on those track days.

    This is an excellent option for those of you with decent cameras built into your phone. Mine does 720p, and on a simple windshield suction cup mount, I can record where I drive, with the speed, rpm and boost showing, while in the background Torque can still record and log pretty much any obdII functions you want.

    This post is already long enough, and I don't want to seem like a commercial, but this app is excellent, and deserves some praise for all the hard work done already.

    One final thing is that the developer is VERY quick to respond to issues you have with the app, and to implement fixes to issues you have or even work on changes that you'de like to see in future updates, which is some great support to have, as it answers in hours, or up to a day sometimes.

    Note: I'm using this with a generic $20 Ebay ELM327/bluetooth dongle.

    Torque home page.

    Torque in the Android marketplace.

    Coming soon to Blackberry smart phones.

    (The video is very normal/clear is you disable the map overlay)

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    cool stuff! Soon enough smart phones are just going to be manditory... they have too many options!
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