My photographer is in Cali to cover the first round of Formula D and sent back these photos along with a write up.


I had a chance to come out to California to cover the first round of the Formula D championship for Dave Briggs. Its Daves first ever FD event and its going to be his first time competing with his new 350z drift car. Ill be posting coverage from the entire weekend as much as I can..

Today was pretty much just the set up day. Its pretty crazy how they turn the actual streets of long beach into a drift track and race track as the Long Beach Grand Prix takes place on the sunday after the FD event. I took the time today to walk around and shoot the "before"

Check out the rest of the pics on the MR facebook page.

A lot of fences and tire walls get brought in to make this track safe.

A section of the track is actually on a main road so it only gets shut down at the very last minute.

Daves car sitting in his pit..Car is ready to go!

With it being his first time in FD and at this track Dave got some good tips from some of the ASD/Falken guys.

There was also a bunch of the big name drift cars out..some pretty sick machines..

Coiffeuse Drift Team! LS1 Miata!

There was also a few sick street cars parked around the pits too.

Also spotted the new FRS drift car during a photo shoot. This car looks and sounds soo mean.

Was funny seeing the Briggs crew try to fit a their spare tranny into the back of the rental car.

That was pretty much it for today. Tomorrow is going to be nuts.. with not much track time for any of the drivers before the qualifications its going to be an interesting event.

Check out the rest of the pics on the MR facebook page.