Today was the first real day of RD1. In the morning there was practice ( VERY short practice ) and then straight into the qualification runs. It was nuts that since there were soo many drivers they each only got 3..max 4 practice runs before having to qualify.. It did not make it easy for any of the rookies since Long Beach is a tough and un forgiving track.

The Briggs team was all good to go..

Rocking the rookie stickers.

Practice started off pretty good with some wall tapping action.

Briggs was looking not to bad considering the new car and brand new track.

He only had 3 practice runs and despite loosing his front bumper things were looking good.

The FRS drift car was looking real good on track.

Got wing? this SC430 is retarded..pushing like 900 hp on low boost.

3 wheeling Camaro.

Former DMCC Champ Ryan Tuerck ended up qualifying in first place driving his new 240.

Getting close to the wall.. Santa didnt even flinch.

For more photos from today check out the gallery.. Tons more photos coming Sat