Jeremy Glover: The main event day of the first round of FD was absolutely insane. Right from the start the action was intense and with a sold out crowd the entire day was action packed.

It was crazy hot out too.. Here you can see the DMCC crew ( here to film for the TV show ) and JHD Production putting on some much needed sun screen.

Even during practice Daigo Saito was chasing hard.

Rookie Chelsea Denofa was also looking real strong in his turbo'ed BMW.

Matt Powers Kissing the wall!

Ryan Tuerck qualified 1st and was practicing hard before the main top 32 battles were about to start.

The Tandem Battles started off with a bang with Robbie Nashida blowing up his rear section and sending him and Conrad into the tires..

On pretty much the next battle the Falken tire Sky did pretty much the same thing but with even worse results..the car was pretty much a right off.

From the 32 all the way to the great 8 the tandem battles was great.

When it was all said and done Justing Pawlak top home the top honors with Daijiro Yoshihara in 2nd and Daigo Saito in 3rd.

You can check out the rest of the photos here.


Check out this vid.. You can actually see me ( Im in the white hat )