I went up to ICAR this afternoon to photograph the NASCAR and GT Challenge events. I wasn't able to stay for the Super Production Challenge unfortunately so my apologies for not having pics of this race. I had a blast watching the NASCAR cars rip it up. NASCAR gets a lot of hate for being boring I find but in person the race is anything but.

There were also races for the CHAG Autosport GT Touring and Super Production Challenge Series. I'll have more info on these series in a separate article in a few weeks but basically the CHAG GT Challenge race has different classes or brackets based on speed but one podium. The brackets are staggered and the slowest cars given a head start according to their handicap form time trials. This way it's as if everyone is on a level playing field no matter which kind of car you drive. MontrealRacing.com is sponsoring the series as you can tell by the logos on some of the vehicles.

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