Round 1 of the 2012 DMCC Season was this weekend and the event was held at the Autodrome Montmagny which is about 45 min away from Quebec City. Mother nature got the best of us this time as it poored rain pretty much the whole weekend.

Last years Rookie of the Year Jeff Laframme was set to be driving his new IS300 drift car but with some slight mechanical issues he rented back his old car for this competition.


Francis Tasse's 850 hp S14 was crazy but he ended up having a tad to much hp for the rain.

Marc Landreville was back with is trusty s14 rocking a new livery.

We did sorta get lucky, the morning practice session was dry ish..Here is Babu smoking some Hankooks.

But pretty much when the main action was set to start.. It started to rain hard.. Not fun shooting in poring rain.

Even in the rain the action was pretty good.. when it was all over it was Jeff Laflamme on the top spot of the podium followed by Claude Poirier in 2nd and Babu in 3rd.


And check out a vid by