Toyota’s senior VP of automotive operations, Bob Carter, delivered a speech today at the Barclays Capital global automotive conference in which he revealed the plan for “five major [vehicle] launches” next year.

Speaking about the new vehicles, he also commented on the characteristics they would have, saying “what you’ll see from us is more emotional designs and styling that… quite frankly… we really haven’t offered before.”
Toyota is known for building some blandly styled cars, but it looks like what we are going to see in the new year is some exciting new design, much like what happened to the new Avalon.

Along with the five mystery vehicles, Carter also discussed the LF-LC concept, saying “it’s just a concept now, but it’s has received a fantastic reception from the public, so stay tuned.” While this isn’t a confirmation of production, it is a strong hint that the LF-CC will be coming to market as a production vehicle.

I really like where Toyota is going. It'll be interesting to see what the five cars will be.