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Thread: Porsche Camp4: Not About Going Fast, But Going Sideways

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    Default Porsche Camp4: Not About Going Fast, But Going Sideways

    by Colum Wood

    The first thing you should know about Porsche Camp4 Canada is that it’s not about going fast. Blasphemy you say? A waste of a Porsche you say? Well, you’re wrong.

    No, it’s about driving style, and I do mean that in the artistic, not the scientific sense of the word – though there is a lot of science behind it all.

    Yes, you could shell out the cash to attend the winter driving course at the Mecaglisse track an hour north of Montreal, QC to zip though the slalom faster than your classmates, colleagues and friends. Or, you could slide through the pylons sideways, with your foot on the throttle and more steering than the joints in your arms will allow.

    Trust me, you will find the second option the far more rewarding one.

    A driving school unlike any other, Camp4 is really more of a lifestyle adventure and officially billed as an “experience” rather than a strict driving school.

    And that makes sense because it’s unlike any other driving school available either. Taking place on a series of man made handling courses, a massive ice-covered skid pad and, best of all, a lengthy snow and ice race track, it presents an entirely unique set of challenges and rewards.
    Read the complete story on Porsche Camp4 Canada at

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