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Thread: Danica Patrick Finishes 8th at Daytona

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    Default Danica Patrick Finishes 8th at Daytona

    8th place finish and a disappointment for me as I was rooting for her the whole day. This blogger sums it up:

    Like everyone else, Patrick took no chances. In the final lap, she was up there, hugging the wall, clinging to third. It never crossed her mind to swing out and risk it all for the win.

    While she was hanging tough, visualizing the podium, a half-dozen more experienced drivers passed her on the inside.

    Within sight of the finish line, she fell from third to eighth.

    “I felt like, if I were to dive low, I had the feeling I was going to get freight-trained,” Patrick said afterward.

    On the race more generally: “It was nice. It was calm most of the time.”

    We can feel fairly certain those two sentences have never before been strung together by a NASCAR participant.

    We salute the accomplishment. Few humans can do it, and Patrick is among them. Just finishing this race sets you apart.

    But we were really hoping for a win. Not for her sake, but for ours.

    If Patrick had won, we could stop talking about Danica Patrick the sideshow, and begin focusing on her as an elite driver.

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    So hawt

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