Here are the details and results of the fifth Scion Tuner Challenge Event.

  • The event was held at the Mecaglisse complex in Notre-Damme-de-la-Merci , Quebec ( The track, a 2.2km road course covered with 10cm of ice, offered the perfect environment for an ice racing competition.
  • All 3 Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge teams prepared their Scion FR-S with heavily studded winter tires and adjusted suspensions.
  • The day started with a 2 hour practice session which allowed the teams to learn the track.
  • Team VCMC’s leader and driver Richard Basford took the wheel of their now turbocharged Scion FR-S, rated at approximately 350 horsepower! (one of, if not the first in Canada!)
  • SWAG Racing team leader and professional drifter , Dany ‘’Babu’’ Bernier, also took the wheel of his modified Scion FR-S for the race.
  • Top Tuner team’s leader, Edmund Manasan, once again invited Sasha Anis, professional Canadian touring driver to drive their car prepared for the competition by Can-Jam Motorsports.
  • Practice offered a chance for the team to test the grip limits of their car. Both VCMC and Babu went off track but with no serious damage.
  • Competition format offered 3 consecutive timed laps to all 3 teams. Only the best lap for each team would count towards the final results.
  • Top Tuner won first place with a best lap of 2:23.2
  • Best times:
    1. Top Tuner: 2:23.2
    2. VCMC: 2:27.9
    3. Swag Racing: 2:30.2

  • Event points:
  • Top Tuner: 10
  • VCMC: 7
  • Swag: 4
  • Top Tuner: 44
  • VCMC: 32
  • Swag: 29
  • Overall standings after challenge 5