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Thread: Kia Launching Chinese Sub-Brand Called Horki

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    Default Kia Launching Chinese Sub-Brand Called Horki

    Kia’s Chinese joint venture, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, announced the creation of a new Chinese-only brand at the Shanghai Auto Show today, called Horki.
    Kia says that the name is derived from two separate elements, ‘Hor’ which stands for China, and ‘Ki’ which relates to driving. Roughly translated, the brand’s title is ‘Driving in China,’ though when read aloud in the western world it means something quite a bit different.
    Cars from the Horki brand are aiming to be practical, economical and trustworthy, while vehicles from the existing Kia brand are going to represent sportiness, passion and style.
    Good thing that brand is limited to China. Horki is such an awful name to us Westerners.

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    "HORKI" indeed!

    I can hear it now, a new slang word for POS! "That junk-pile of his is a real "HORKI!"


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