Babu arrived at Castrol Raceway with a strong advantage over the other teams: he has been pro-drifting for 6 years in the Drift Mania Canadian Championship and participated in multiple events around this discipline. He has mastered the sport and most drifting enthusiasts know him for his car control skills and his risk-taking attitude on the track. That morning in Edmonton, Babu dominated the practice sessions as other teams were slowly adapting to the sport run after run. Everything was looking good for the Quebec-based team and their driver.

Unfortunately, when Babu hit the track for the official competition runs, his performance wasnít as explosive as expected. His two first runs were cancelled because of spin-out. Babu managed to get a decent third run but despite the effort, it didnít set the mark. The poor performance might have been caused by a lack of power compared to the other teams, it could have been some kind of distraction, or just plain bad luck! Needless to say, the Swag team and Babu will have to work overtime in order to get back in the game.
Meanwhile, the SWAG FR-S spent a few days at the Salon Autosport that was taking place in Babuís hometown of Quebec City, on April 12-13.

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