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Thread: Mitsubishi, Volvo, Road & Track Named to List of Brands to Disappear in 2014

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    Default Mitsubishi, Volvo, Road & Track Named to List of Brands to Disappear in 2014

    What do JC Penney and Mitsubishi have in common? According to neither will be around in 2014.

    And Mitsubishi isnít the only automaker on the siteís annual list of brands that will disappear the following year. Also making the dishonor roll is Swedish car company Volvo.

    The criteria used for each brandís placement on the list includes a list of seven factors: declining sales and losses; rising costs that canít be offset by higher prices; loss of customers; declining market share; the sale of the company, bankruptcy and finally notification by the parent company that the brand may be going out of business.

    Mitsubishi is cited for sales that are ďnose divingĒ with fewer than 60,000 units sold in 2012. Those numbers have continued to decline by 6.5 percent year-to-date with a total U.S. market share of just 0.3 percent in April. Public perception is also to blame with the most recent J.D. Power vehicle dependability study ranking Mitsubishi 30th our of 33 brands.

    Volvo is also cited for poor market share with just 0.3 percent, though as a luxury brand that number is less devastating. Still, sales are down 8% so far this year in an up-market. The brandís limited lineup is also to blame. In fact, the site goes so far as to say Volvo might be in crisis both in the US and globally with allegations of fraudulent dealer actions in China.

    Mitsubishi and Volvo are the only automakers on the list, but they arenít the only auto-related companies. Also cued-up for demise in 2014 is the long-standing auto enthusiast publication Road & Track. The magazine makes the list for shrinking revenue and diminished demand while it competes in a crowded market, that also includes its more popular print sibling, Car & Driver magazine.

    Each year, 24/7 Wall St. identifies 10 important brands sold in America that we predict will disappear before 2014. This yearís list reflects the brutally competitive nature of certain industries and the importance of not falling behind in efficiency, innovation or financing.

    The list also reflects how industry trends can accelerate the demise of certain brands. This year, we included two magazines ó Martha Stewart Living and Road & Track. With print advertising in a multiyear decline, some magazines have weathered the decline better than others. These two, however, have suffered sharp drops in advertising revenue over the past five years. Magazines also carry the heavy legacy costs of printing, paper and distribution ó a problem not shared by online-only competition.

    Not surprised about these brands. Makes you wonder what the management is thinking, offering such lackluster products for so long.

    They need stuff like this car!!

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    this seems to be only affecting the united states...

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    Mitsubishi is a profitable company regardless of how bad its car brand shits the bed
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