As a car guy I like news of new cars but I think Caddy is in danger here of too many similar-looking and similarly-named vehicles. I don't think the average buyer can determine the difference between the ATS, CTS and XTS. Adding another one will not help this fact. They need an old fashioned gangster-type car like the Ciel, pictured above.

GM CEO Dan Akerson says that the companyís luxury brand will be developing a flagship sedan to compete with the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class within two years.
Currently, the largest vehicle Cadillac offers is the XTS but itís been thinking about going bigger for more a little while now. Since the 2009 bankruptcy and reorganization, their focus has been on smaller vehicles but Akerson seems to think there may still be some life left in the larger sedans.

Details are closely guarded but reports suggest that the car will be rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The rear-drive platform will not be sources from Holden, GMís Australian brand. The XTS will likely stay in the lineup since itís doing reasonably well, especially in China. The design will also take cues such as the fender ridge front lights from previous concept vehicles.