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Thread: Porsche Cayenne Cabriolet: Would you pay for this?

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    Default Porsche Cayenne Cabriolet: Would you pay for this?

    Newport Convertible Engineering is a California company that specializes in converting cars and SUVs into convertibles.
    They are renowned and we have already seen NCE transform a Hummer H2, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG, Toyota Land Cruiser, Ferrari 612 Scagliatti and others into luxury convertibles.
    Most recently, it was a Range Rover which lost its roof. Very popular, this conversion resulted in an unexpected number of orders, numbered at nearly fifty.
    Today this massive first-generation Porsche Cayenne is revealed to us as a convertible.
    The convertible Porsche Cayenne
    Inspired by 1980s Woodie the Porsche Cayenne has cabriolet doors covered with wood paneling.
    A roll cage was placed behind the bucket seats.
    Also very luxurious, the vehicle benefits from a very durable canvas roof that deploys electrically.
    I suppose if you have money to burn and want something unique this is for you but I don't really trust it.

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    That vehicle needs to die in a fire. In fact, the whole factory does. They spend how much money converting it over and woody it with paint, then leave the ugliest oem rims on it possible?
    SHould never have seen convertible status to begin with.

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    i wont, but someone will. And when they do, they will drive it. They will with the top down
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