Honda has announced that production of its Ridgeline truck stop in mid- 2014 at the Lincoln plant in Alabama. We’ve also learned that the replacement will make its appearance in 2015. Here is the first teaser photo of the future Ridgeline.
The Ridgeline was the first pickup to be built using a closed-box unibody platform, in addition to having a broad integrated in-bed trunk and a split-opening tailgate. No word, yet on whether the 2016 will continue this design or opt for something more traditional.
We can deduce form the photo that it will have a more traditional truck shape, as opposed the odd-looking rounded form it has now.
Sales of the eight-year old pickup have actually increased this year but still remain far below any of its big-three competitors.
I find the current Ridgeline to be one of the ugliest vehicles on the market. It's almost Aztek ugly. I would immediately discount it from any truck purchase based solely on looks so I'm surprised it's lasted this long. Hopefully they'll make the next gen look a bit more normal. I guess I'm in the minority with this opinion since sales are actually increasing!!