Outside, this carís body features a retractable rear wing along with a host of other aerodynamic features including ducts and vents that manage airflow at racetrack speeds. Moving inside, itís got a sporty, low-slung cockpit with a driver-focused layout. Designers also took steps to reduce weight with things like a carbon-fiber seat.
Now, letís talk about what youíre all salivating for, technical details, but let me warn you, you ainít going to like it. You see, there is practically ZERO powertrain news to share at this time. All the companyís said is that it features a high-tech internal-combustion engine, but thatís it. Still, this is actually good news; we donít want no stinkiní electric!
The powertrain is housed under a transparent hood while an ambiguous engine cover leaves much to the viewerís imagination. And youíre going to have to give your mindís eye a real workout because we have no idea if the Toyota FT-1 will ever go into production.