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Thread: Hyundai Intrado Concept

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    Default Hyundai Intrado Concept

    Hyundai will show the aviation-inspired HED-9 Intrado concept in Geneva. Intrado is the name of the the lower part of an airplane wing, whose job it is to ensure adequate lift to keep the aircraft aloft.
    Various forms of the HED-9 were studied and groomed to the point that they generate the highest aerodynamic efficiency.
    Assembly techniques used for the design of this prototype are currently patent pending. The frame is made of carbon fiber, while the body panels are made of lightweight steel.
    It is powered by an electric motor connected to a lithium-ion 36 kWh batery which draws its power through a fuel cell powered by hydrogen.
    The expected range is 600 kilometers.
    I like it!

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    Lift... the opposite of what you want a vehicle to do... haha
    == 300zx ==

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