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Thread: Lamborghini Huracan Private Party

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    Default Lamborghini Huracan Private Party

    An acquaintance of mine has a great story of how he ordered his new Huracan Superleggera. Worth a read!

    Quote Originally Posted by nsxmofo
    I was invited to my Lambo dealer in Newport beach, Cali, last Friday for the private showing of the new Huracan for owners only. I flew in last Thursday night, went to dinner with some of the dealer staff, and Friday went to the session - which was at an undisclosed location until the day before. I didn't know where to go until I landed in Cali since they didn't give out the address. I came in and had to sign a non-disclosure form...then was asked to turn over both my iPhones and my iPad mini. No cameras were allowed so my devices were checked in and put in a locker.

    The general manager of Lamborghini North America was the main presenter as 7 of us sat 10 ft away from the bad boy under the mysterious black wrap. After a few minutes of the speech, design points, and a came the cover and holy motha of geeeeezus of Lambo cars - what a gorgeous brand new design. The car was silver pearl with black and off-white leather combo interior. An engineer from the factory fired it up (spoke no English btw) and waited for the revs to settle...then lord have mercy, he revved the shit outta the car. They dimmed the lights in the studio, and flames shot out the rear of the new factory exhaust that will make Larini go broke! the Huracan's stock exhaust is ridiculously cool.

    He shut her down, and we took turns checking out the inside, outside, underside, etc. I started up the car, revved it, changed the 3 modes on the steering wheel and heard the exhaust note changed with each. All I can say is Lambo outdid itself this time. After going over the car, functions, features, and key questions asked, we were then escorted to the Configurator room where we were shown how to spec out a car and custom ordering process...and shown all the prices to all options, etc.

    I thought the Gallardo's 10 yr run was big shoes to fill, but Lambo definitely has an even bigger hit than the Gallardo on its hands. So far worldwide almost 1,000 orders have been placed but add to number that one more - I placed my deposit for the new Huracan Superleggera that's due to bow in late 2016

    We went back to the dealership and picked out some cool jackets and memorabilia to take home.

    PS - I just bought a brand new 2013 r56 Mini Cooper Hardtop JCW edition on sweet ass year-end clearance deal...more like a steal . I'm picking it up this Saturday for daily runs and other fun. It's pepper white with red roof and mirrors with carbon fiber rear wing already installed by the dealer.

    Pics from the Geneva unveil this week:

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    Yup, I'm hard now.

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    Lambo just keeps raising their standards. I love this design

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