"$120,000 911 GT3s are setting themselves on fire.

This morning, the German automaker said it would tell all 785 owners worldwide of the 2014 edition of the 911 GT3 to park their 475-hp sports cars immediately and wait for a hauler to take them to the nearest dealership."

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Porsche now says it will replace all motors for free:


After a few weeks of inspections and testing, Porsche has announced that they will replace the engines of all 911 GT3s presenting the risk of self-immolation.

The story started a few weeks ago, when Porsche asked its dealerships to halt sales of the GT3, after receiving reports about some vehicles spontaneously catching fire during driving. The manufacturer then contacted the 785 people who bought a 911 GT3, asking them to stop driving their cars until the issue was resolved.