My name is Blake Trickey.

If you currently own a Right Hand Drive vehicle or have been looking to purchase one, you are probably aware of the difficulty finding new insurance for this vehicle. Here at DLK Insurance Brokers we have great news for you.

DLK is now offering insurance for Right Hand Drive vehicles including cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles. Premiums are rated the same as they would be for the equivalent North American vehicle and arenít inflated due to the fact the vehicle is Right Hand Drive.

Donít waste time calling numerous brokers and insurance companies looking for Right Hand Drive insurance when you can call myself of DLK Insurance today for a great, affordable quote on your specialty vehicle.

The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for RHD insurance:

- Driver must must be 25 years of age
- Must have no major convictions, and minimal minor convictions
- Must bring supporting insurance business (tenants package, another vehicle , etc)
- Must hold G class license
- The vehicle must be not modified for performance enhancing reason
- Nissan Skylines are uninsurable (due to high risk)

If you meet the above criteria give me a call today and let me help you.

Blake Trickey